Recruiting Services
At CMR we promise our clients to locate the best people available to meet their ever-changing needs in the healthcare marketplace.

We understand that due to the current financial pressures in medicine your time is limited and extremely valuable. Our goal is to alleviate the immense burden employment searches place on your organization, so that you can focus on taking care of your patients and increasing your revenue.

CMR knows that recruiting fees can place pressures on tight corporate budgets. That is why we keep our fee structure very flexible and competitive for our clients.

We have put together a team of professionals that understands health care and the issues facing hiring authorities. Our National Network of over 200 affiliate offices allows us to locate talent that most employers only dream of finding. We go through an extensive interview process with all candidates before they ever arrive at your location. By doing this preliminary work for you, your personnel can focus on evaluating talent for your organization's long-term needs.

We feel strongly about fostering long-term relationships with our clients. By becoming knowledgeable about your company's culture and practices we will be able to present the strongest candidates for your current and future needs.

CMR prides itself on always being professional, available, and knowledgeable.

Please feel free to contact our President Jay Chamberlain with any questions you may have.

At CMR our Business Starts with You!!

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